ART: An exhibit of my art is being displayed in the Cafe Gato Rojo, the graduate student cafe at Dudley House, Harvard University. The exhibit is called "Geometry" (See it here). It opens September 19, 2008 and will be up through the end of October 2008. (Photos of the exhibit are here).
FILM: July 2007: My brother Barry Friedman and I finally finished a short film about Lucid Dreaming "LUCIDITY" originally filmed in Summer 2005 (You can also view it on facebook ). It was accepted to the Seattle Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, a subset of the Seattle International Film Festival, which we attended in February 2008.
PRESENTATION: Infrared Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae from PAIRITEL, Workshop: Accretion and Explosion: The Astrophysics of Degenerate Stars, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP), University of California, Santa Barbara, February 20, 2007 (pdf / Movie online here)
ART: Some of my geometric art will be published in the 2007 Dudley Review. You can see them here.
AWARDS: NASA Graduate Student Research Program Fellowship, Symposium for New Fellows, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, September 20-22, 2006
(How to Apply For a NASA GSRP Fellowship. Sample proposals: GSFC, OSS)
WEB DESIGN: In Summer 2006, I was hired to redesign the Harvard Graduate Student Council Website.
POPULAR SCIENCE: Using GRBs For Cosmology,Sky & Telescope, August 2006, Volume 112, No. 2, pg. 35 (with Robert Naeye, “Dissecting the Bursts of Doom”, Sky & Telescope, August 2006 pp 30-37) (pdf)
PRESENTATION: "Infrared Light Curves of Nearby Supernovae with the Peters Automated Infrared Imaging Telescope (PAIRITEL)", Poster Presentation, 207th Meeting of the AAS, Washington, DC, USA, Jan. 8-12, 2006 (ADS, pdf) []
POPULAR TALK: "Your Place in the Cosmos: From Planets to Stars to Galaxies and Beyond", December 8th, 2005, Dudley House Crosstalk, Harvard University (with Mr. Ryan Hickox - Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics) [pdfppt, Event Flyer, ...blurb text]
ART I was recently "commissioned" to do this Geometric Piece when I was in Sedona, Arizona, on a family vacation. I hadn't done this kind of Escher inspired stuff for years. [Ron Commission, jpg]
GUEST LECTURE: "White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Supernova Explosions, and the Origins of Humanity", November 7th 2005, Science A-47, Cosmic Connections, Professor David Charbonneau, Harvard University, Fall 2005 [ppt, pdf, Streaming Real Player Video (click on Nov 07 link)]
ART Some of my photos were recently published in the 2005 Dudley Review (pdf pages 99-100) [originals in color Afterlife Commute * Time Frame]
ART Child Hall T-Shirt Contest + Winner (+ all submitted phrases)